Zeke is one of the main characters in the disney XD sitcom Zeke and Luther


Zeke has an unnamed mother and father and a younger sister Ginger and an Aunt Janet who was mentioned in the episode Not my sisters keeper when Zeke got a call from his mother when he was going to enter a competion to try and win a skateboard (which Kojo won anyway) and he said '"Mom why cant Aunt Janet have her baby next week".

Friends, Crushes and frenemiesEdit

Zeke Is best friends with Luther Waffles, his other friends include: Ozzie Kephart, Oliva Masterson (his only crush)His Frenemies include: Ginger (sister) and Kojo.


His Enemies include: Mr Rucker (summer school algebra Teacher), Jumpsuit Johnson (one of his neighbours),the Rollerdorks (rollerskating group who take over ramps every six months) and Doyce and Charlie Plunk (the Barber Bros).

Friends and frenemies description and reasons for hating/likingEdit

He is best friends with luther because he is funny and weird and they have been though thick and thin together.

He describes ozzie as a nerd who copys off of other people, but they are still friends and he helped Ozzie learn how to skateboard and survive a round in the ring with luther (who works out there all the time).

Oliva is his only crush throughout the series it was a love at first sight moment when he was bringing her a pie as a 'welcome to the neighborhood' thing and said he would skate down the 'Tunnel Of Terror' just to empress her.

Kojo is described as him by a born corn bag for these reasons:

Reason 1 he was born a corn bag

Reason 2 He thinks he is a way better boarder than us [Zeke and Luther]

Reason 3 he is a coky person who has tons of 'female ladies'